0p3nr3p0 call for Tactical Glitches

include ur political glitch worx in Tactical Glitches ( Sudlab.com in Naples, IT ) through the open_port hosted by 0p3nr3p0.net »

( and simultaneously add ur worx to the 0p3nr3p0 archive )

via ヌケメ ( nukeme )» http://ucnv.org/coat/../n!ck.bot

via ヌケメ ( nukeme )
» http://ucnv.org/coat/


PBS Idea channel does an episode on “Glitchy” Art :P


"The Computer Thief Who Made an Artist’s Work Better: An Unlikely Tale"


…well not so ‘unlikely’ ;) …still, regardless how many variations on this scenario I come across, its still a pretty xciting moment—the first time an artist accidentally corrupts their work… and says:

…Oh my God, do you think it’s better?’ And she’s like ‘well, you know … ’ so I said, ‘I think it’s better.’ And she said, ‘Yes, it’s better.’ ”

(from Slate via Monika Kovács)

GoldMosh [datamosh artware]

dear datamoshers: new artware by Sam Goldstein has filled the void left by avidemux: d/l goldmosh


Footage from Ryoji Ikeda's mind-blowing video installation at the Park Avenue Armory. New York, NY. Uploaded by Stephen Holding 



a bill miller GRIDWORKS presentation (w/ rosa menkman & antonio roberts) @ GLI.TC/H